Safety & Training

All training at American Cleaning is conducted in a manner respectful of our employees’ unique needs. All supervisors and managers, apart from being well-versed in all aspects of the highest cleaning standards and site specific procedures, are also trained in the selection of cleaning materials best suited for both the job and the environment in which it is to be performed.

Records of training are maintained on each employee for all training he or she receives while working at American Cleaning Co. The documentation describes the topics included in the training, provides a general outline of the training course, the name and qualifications of the trainer, and the date(s) and duration of the training. For current employees, records are retained for two years from their hiring date; records are retained for one year for former employees.

Site-Specific Training

Site-specific training is conducted by American Cleaning after an assignment to a site, and prior to the employee’s first day of independent work there. Site-specific training customizes elements of general training to meet the specific needs of a site. In this module, our employees learn all the unique procedures and sequences of tasks required at a particular site.

Examples of areas for which unique cleaning procedures, products, and techniques may be required include animal facilities, computer rooms, operating theatres, secure or restricted access areas, and offices with people with allergies or expectant mothers.

By the end of site-specific training our employees should know all the unique procedures requisite at the site of their employment to the point of becoming their second nature.

Janitorial Training

All American Cleaning employees are required to complete:

  • General training
  • Site-specific training
  • Semi-annual refresher training

American Cleaning General Training is conducted upon hiring and takes place either at our offices or at a separate location. It comprises following training modules:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Material Safety Data Sheet Interpretation
  • Personal Protective Equipment Use
  • Proper Lifting and Ergonomic Precautions
  • Work Safety
  • Proper Handling of Chemicals
  • Proper Use and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Proper Cleaning Procedures (includes proper sequencing of cleaning tasks)

Refresher / Continuing Education Training

All American Cleaning personnel are required to attend Continuing Education seminars. As part of the Continuing Education program, Semi-Annual Refresher Training is conducted either on-site or in class, off-site. The objective of this module is to reinforce the habits already acquired, and to adjust or revise procedures to comply with the latest standards. Continuing Education training amounts to 24 hours of either in-service or in-class education annually.

Hiring Practices

American Cleaning pays close attention to the recruiting, selection, and training of our employees. Our Human Resources department carefully screens potential employees for capability, experience, honesty, diligence, and dependability. We always have a pool of well-qualified personnel to draw on for meeting our emergency response or turnover needs.

Equal Employment Policy

American Cleaning Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, providing employment and promotion opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin.

Background Checks

In the era of heightened security concerns, threats, and surveillance, American Cleaning Company shall exercise every reasonable measure to protect the assets and safety of our customers.

All employees understand that they are screened upon hiring, and that may be subject to additional background checks at any time during their employment with us as required by our customers’ policies.

Background checks include:

  • Credit history
  • Criminal history
  • Employment verification
  • Immigration status
  • School references
  • Verification of prior residences

Living Wage and Social Equity

Along with the emergence of sustainability and the green cleaning movement, the issue of how janitorial workers are compensated for their work has come to the fore. Labor unions believe that a liability exists for green organizations that neglect to provide appropriate working conditions for their own employees. Among issues that define appropriate working conditions are health benefits, sick time, personal time, extended leave of absence, and living wage.

American Cleaning Company has been working closely with SEIU Local 615 to ensure that our employees work in an environment where they are both treated fairly and recognized for their hard work.